Friday, October 27, 2006

Paul De Bondt's Chocolate Mousse

From Paul deBondt, Fred has written down the chocolate mousse recipe:

Chocolate Mousse: (less sugar)
1Kg Cream (35% fat)
1Kg 70% Chocolate (I have a note about 40-42% cocoa butter)
600g Whipped cream

1) Make ganache with initial cream and chocolate
2) cool slightly but still needs to be warm
3) whip the rest of the cream until you have soft, shiny peaks
4) add ganache to whipped cream and mix vigorously
5) when mixture is less than or equaled to 30 degrees C (still liquid and not too stiff) pour into mold or container
6) refrigerate for ~ 2hrs and it's ready

sound right???


Deb said...

Thank you I took notes but they didn't seem right.
now they do

Diva said...

let us know if the recipe works!

Deb said...

Hey I made it . It was delicious.
If I enrobed it , it would taste like a truffle. great thanks.