Sunday, October 22, 2006

Roberto Catinari

Roberto Catinari with his long white beard, is sort of our Tuscan chocolate Santa.
Apprenticed out in Switzerland at the young age of 14, when he returned to his beloved Tuscany he began the Chocolate trends and was the first in the Chocolate Valley.

Last year Roberto gave me his recipe for the sugar encased liquore filled chocolates.
here it is for you to try.

Roberto Catanari's recipe for the liquore filled chocolates.

His simple syrup was:

1 kg of sugar ( 2.2 lbs)
in 3 dl of water ( which is about 1 1/4 cups) a cup is 2.5dl

Depending on the what liquore you are using is to what temp you cook the syrup.

For a liquore that is from 38-60 proof take the sugar to 110C
3dl of alcohol to 7dl of syrup

A light sherry ( the Italian Vin Santo) is only about 16proof
1 dl of whole grain ( everclear)
2 dl vin santo
7 dl syrup ( cook syrup to 112C)

If you use a really strong liquore like a grappa which is 60 or 70 proof!!!!!
The sugar only gets cooked to 108C

They were made in the wheat starch (white boxes on the side)
The molds were plaster attached to a wooden stick which then rested on the side of the box.

Once poured the filling rests all day to crystalize then is turned and enrobed the next day!
Good luck!

In Italy there is also Pocket Coffee made with the same technique.
I am sure Sanjana also has the REAL recipe and tricks down for us!!!

Roberto's Blend

Roberto Catinari

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Deb said...

Thanks Judy
I would like to try this recipe.
what do I cool the filling to before I por it into the starch?