Saturday, November 24, 2007

Luca Mannori's Chocolate Spread

This is probably one of my favorite products Luca makes.
Just in time for Christmas!

Cremosa 2003

With olive oil and sea salt

750 gr bittersweet chocolate 55%

750 gr hazelnut paste

70 gr Cocoa powder

350 gr olive oil

2 gr sea salt

Dissolve the cocoa powder in the olive oil.

Add the hazelnut paste and chocolate.

Temper it all and then add the sea salt.

Jar the cream and keep in a cool place away from light.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

belgium - chocolate paradise!

I don't know about you guys.. but I still haven't finished my chocolate from the tour!

SO so when I recently went to Belgium, with a chocolate store on each corner.. one better than the other.. I walked by!

this chocolate fountain.. holds 35 kili of chocolate about 70 pounds!!!

I did go into Piero Marcolini's shop at the Sablon in Brussels.
Looks more like tiffany's than a chocolate shop!

All very elegant.. and had fabulous caramels.. with ginger, passion fruit, pineapple and chocolate in the box. So good I ate one box while there and had to buy another!
Hot chocolate better ( thicker ) in Florence..

Best wishes for a fabulous 2007!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Luca's Licorice Ganache

Nicole asked for this recipe.

Licorice with star anice

Luca Mannori

400 gr heavy cream
12 gr pure licorice powder
( licorice is a plant that can be dried and then turned into powder) I think perhaps if you cannot get the licorice “sticks” infuse the cream with candy? I know that is what they do for Vodka!
65 gr inverted sugar
10 gr star anice
625 gr Milk Chocolate 35%
125 gr softened butter ( pomata, softened and lightly whipped)

175 gr Bittersweet chocolate 55%

Heat the cream to 18C add the star anice and licorice to infuse.
Let sit for 12 hours.

Reheat,filter pressing to release the essences.

Pour the cream onto the chopped milk chocolate a little at a time. Do not incorporate air.

Then add the butter in small batches.

Pour the mixture into the mold.
Let set and cut with guitar.

Cover with bittersweet chocolate and decorate.

I will send a foto of licorice later today! try your health food store!

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Bicerin at Bicerin

From Torino... on my chocolate tour!!!
Always working.

I had promised Fred to go to Bicerin and have a Bicerin...

There are several ways to serve it, they say that the larger glass ( bicerin means small glass, bicchierino in Italian) is their signature drink.

Often served in smaller glasses.

Of course the recipe is a secret, but it is hot lightly sweetened coffee, with Italian hot chocolate poured in on top, the topped with lightly whipped cream ( as for irish coffee).


Friday, October 27, 2006

Paul De Bondt's Chocolate Mousse

From Paul deBondt, Fred has written down the chocolate mousse recipe:

Chocolate Mousse: (less sugar)
1Kg Cream (35% fat)
1Kg 70% Chocolate (I have a note about 40-42% cocoa butter)
600g Whipped cream

1) Make ganache with initial cream and chocolate
2) cool slightly but still needs to be warm
3) whip the rest of the cream until you have soft, shiny peaks
4) add ganache to whipped cream and mix vigorously
5) when mixture is less than or equaled to 30 degrees C (still liquid and not too stiff) pour into mold or container
6) refrigerate for ~ 2hrs and it's ready

sound right???

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A gift from Sanjara

From our own Sanjara, her recipe for the encrusted liquid filled chocolate.
(her brother is better!!!)

and another ganache recipe!

Thanks San !


Crust liqueur products are chocolates with a liquid filling. The filling may contain alcohol. These products typically consist of a thin sugar crust containing a saturated flavoured sugar solution. The sugar solution consists of

- Sugar, water and alcohol
- Sugar, water, flavours and acidic additives
- Sugar, water and red wine.

These centres are usually covered with chocolate.

Requirements regarding the ingredients


To ensure a proper crust, only pure sugar should be used. i.e. it should consist of minimum amount of ash, invert sugar and minerals.


The sugar is dissolved in water. The main function of the water is however the formation of a saturated solution with sugar and alcohol. The water must be of the quality of drinking water with a ph. of 6.5 or 7.


Crust liqueurs mostly contain pure products rather than extracts. The spirits should have an alcohol content of a minimum of 60% volume otherwise the formation of crust is difficult.

Acidic acids

Acidic additives are also used as they carry flavours well and have a cooling effect.
Acids such as citric acid can be used.

Moulding powder

Generally corn or wheat starch with minimum gluten content is used. The wheat starch should be heated to temperature between 30ºC - 50 ºC with a blow drier.




750gms sugar
250gms water
200gms brandy – 60%vol.


1. Dissolve sugar in water and cook to 112ºC
2. Cool to 100 ºC
3. Add brandy and mix carefully
4. Deposit into starch (starch temp should be around 45 ºC.)and sieve starch to cover the centre
5. Turn over after 3 hrs carefully without damaging the crust
6.Leave in starch for 24 hrs for drying
7. Sieve from starch and brush away the excess starch. enrobe in chocolate



1000gms sugar
400gms water
200gms kirsch 60% vol OR rum 60%vol


As above



750gms sugar
250gms water
150gms red wine 67-70% vol
50gms sugar

1.dissolve sugar in water and cook to 114 ºC to 110 ºC
3. dissolve icing sugar in red wine and filter to remove particles
4. mix wine mixture carefully with sugar syrup
5. deposit into starch( starch temp 25 ºC- 40 ºC) and sieve starch to cover the centre

6. Turnover deposited crust carefully after 4hrs (turnover is done to give an even distribution of sugar crust. Turnover is usually done with a string or thread to avoid breaking of deposited crust)
7. leave in starch for 24hrs
8. sieve brush and blow to remove starch
9. Enrobe in chocolate.

750gms sugar
250gms water
12cc citric acid
1cc fruit flavour or 15cc fruit juice
1. Dissolve sugar in water and cook to 109 ºC
2.Cool syrup to 65 ºC
3. Add 12cc of citric acid
4.Add fruit flavour
5. Deposit in starch (starch temp. 30 ºC) and sieve starch to cover the centre
6. Turnover after 3hrs
7. Leave in starch for 24hrs.Sieve, brush blow and then enrobe with chocolate


600g whipping cream(35% fat)
20 g of instant coffee( i prefer dark roast)
5 - 10g of nutmeg (depending upon the palate)
600g hazelnut praline paste
70 honey( u can try maple syrup)
1000g milk chocolate ( 40% cocoa)

for the bases and covers
100g roasted sesame seeds
170g milk chocolate


first prepare the bases and covers.
blend the roasted sesame seeds and the tempered milk chocolate
spread the mixture out thinly on a silicon mat
cut round discs for the base and covers when it begins to harden.

bring cream nutmeg and coffee granules to boil, and let the infusions seep
for 3 hrs minimum.
set the kitchen aid with paddle attachment and aerate the praline for 1 min
on speed 3
pour the cream mixture onto the praline in 3 to 4 inclusions and mix till
incorporated on slow speed.
fold in the honey and chocolate with the spatula gently.. combine into a
homogeneous mass. pipe with nozzle no. 10 0r 12 into round balls on the
lay the covers and press them flat.
enrobe with dark chocolate.( i prefer grand cru madagascar(60%) coz of its
fruity and spicy notes)

finish with ur signature note

Monday, October 23, 2006

Luca's Balsamic ganache

diane has already tried the olive oil ganache with great success and asked for the balsamic.

here you go!

Luca Mannori’s Balsamico al Miele
Honey and Balsamic vinegar Ganache

400 grams heavy cream 35% minimum fat content
1 gram fresh rosemary
1/2 lemon zest
100 grams of honey ( strong such as chestnut)
500 grams bittersweet chocolate 55%
100 grams salted butter
80 grams Traditional BalsamicVinegar
80 grams Glucose ( 38 DE)

1. Boil the cream and infuse the lemon and rosemary for 20 minutes. Filtare, pressing well on the lemon and rosemary to get all the essential oils.

2. Add the honey and glucose and let lightly simmer.

3. Drizzle the hot cream onto the chopped chocolate, stirring but not incorporating air.

4. Add the butter, softened and lightly whipped, a little at a time and the balsamic vinegar.

5. pour into mold and let sit 24 hours.

6. Cover with chocolate 55% .

Serve with Kenya Tea sweetened with the same honey.
( there is also an ancient fermented honey drink, Idromiele that he suggest serving with the chocolate.

Luca Mannori

From Luca we got lots of inspiration, on both chocolates and his dessert presentation. I especially LOVE the chocolate spreads and think that it would be a great money maker. Here is a start for your homework!

Cremosa 2003/All’olio d’oliva e sale
Luca Mannor’s Chocolate spread with EVO and salt

For 8 - 250 gram jars.
About 8 cups.

750 grams fondente 55%
750 grams hazelnut paste
70 grams cocoa powder

350 grams EVO

2 grams sea salt ( large flakes)

1. Mix the cocoa in the olive oil.

2. Add the hazelnut paste and the melted chocolate, temper it all and add the salt at the end.

3. Pour into jars. Keep in a cool and dark place.

Luca’s chocolate glaze for cakes
the fabulous dark chocolate glaze on his cakes

150 grams sugar
250 grams water

100 grams heavy cream ( 35%)

150 fruit gelatin ( maybe he means like an apple jelly)

80 grams glucose

60 grams cocoa

7 grams gelatine

1. Place the gelatine in cold water to bloom.

2. Mix everything else together.

3. Heat to 105 C.

4. Turn off the heat and add the gelatin ( if you are using sheets, squeeze out the water.)

5. Stir and keep hermetically in the fridge.
6. Use after tempering.

This recipes are translations from the book, I think he means to bring back to temperature for the glaze,not to temper like chocolates.

I don’t see his recipe for the Setteveli cake, the 7 layer cake he won the championship with,so will have to go back and eat it..and check out the 7 layers!

Tough job!!!

Mattei- Brutti ma Buoni

Here is a home version of the wonderful Brutti ma Buoni we had at Mattei.

I have some advice.. the third time is a charm usually for me.
The products we all cook with vary from place to place, egg sizes, sugar and almonds.

If you find they are spreading too much, there are several things you can do.
Lower the heat.
Add more ground almonds or some flour.

I think the Mattei version was sort of softly undercooked, rather wet still on the inside.

Let's exchange results!

Brutti ma Buoni
Almond cookies- Mattei

There are several versions of this cookie, most all almonds some with hazelnuts or walnuts added. There are two versions, soft like we had at Mattei and a twice cooked crispier version.

300 grams almonds ( toasted almonds give you a darker cookie)
30 grams bitter almonds ( or essence to taste)
70 grams rice flour ( or cake flour)
400 grams granulated sugar
6 egg whites

1.Roughly chop the almonds in the food processor with the sugar.
2.Add the flour and the egg whites, lightly beaten, one at a time.
3. Cook on baking paper for 30 minutes at 180 C.

Serve dusted with powdered sugar.

400 grams almonds, finely chopped
15 grams bitter almonds ( or add essence to taste)
300 grams sugar
5 egg whites

1. Whip the egg whites, and add the sugar slowly.
2. Fold in the chopped almonds.
3. Cook in a sauce pan over medium heat, for about 30 minutes, the mixture will brown lightly.
4. Place on baking paper and bake 30 to 40 minutes at 180 C.
( leave room for spreading)