Wednesday, December 27, 2006

belgium - chocolate paradise!

I don't know about you guys.. but I still haven't finished my chocolate from the tour!

SO so when I recently went to Belgium, with a chocolate store on each corner.. one better than the other.. I walked by!

this chocolate fountain.. holds 35 kili of chocolate about 70 pounds!!!

I did go into Piero Marcolini's shop at the Sablon in Brussels.
Looks more like tiffany's than a chocolate shop!

All very elegant.. and had fabulous caramels.. with ginger, passion fruit, pineapple and chocolate in the box. So good I ate one box while there and had to buy another!
Hot chocolate better ( thicker ) in Florence..

Best wishes for a fabulous 2007!


Me said...


Trip to Belgium sounded really great. Things are cruising from my little neck of the woods...we hope to be open before Valentine's Day. Renovations are underway!! But, so much work left to be done....Hope you have a great new year!


Divina said...

good luck.. getting it all done in time!
you gotta hit valentines!

diane said...

Fred..Judy is right- I hope you get up and running by Valentine's Day. Christmas was VERY intense for me this year. I am definitely on the radar screen around here so I expect that Valentine's will be hectic. Last year I did a co-marketing thing with a Florist- I put my chocolates in their shop and had bouquets of their flowers in mine. it was great one stop shopping for men.
I started serving small cups of to- go hot chocolate, using vestri's recipe. It is well recieved but the weather just won't get cold here in the Northeast!
I hope eveyone is doing great and Happy New Year!

Me said...

Hello Everyone!
Well, I had wished to be open by Valentine's Day but it's looking kind of doubtful. We're in the middle of renovations which I'm very glad about. But, it's just taking the crew a lot longer to finish things up.
I am working on recipes and meeting with designers which is all very fun and we had our first coffee and chocolate pairing recently - big hit I think. A local coffee barista showcased 3 gourmet brews and I had 6 diff chocs to put with them. Wow, the experience was really awesome. We are scheduling another 5-6 chocs for a tasting this next Friday - All are invited! I'll send directions for those of you out-of-towners...
Just so you know, I am NOT conceding Valentine's Day. There is just soooo much to do before then that I don't want to be too disappointed if we miss our mark. We are pushing for it though!!!
Hope everyone is having a great start to the New Year!