Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Luca's Licorice Ganache

Nicole asked for this recipe.

Licorice with star anice

Luca Mannori

400 gr heavy cream
12 gr pure licorice powder
( licorice is a plant that can be dried and then turned into powder) I think perhaps if you cannot get the licorice “sticks” infuse the cream with candy? I know that is what they do for Vodka!
65 gr inverted sugar
10 gr star anice
625 gr Milk Chocolate 35%
125 gr softened butter ( pomata, softened and lightly whipped)

175 gr Bittersweet chocolate 55%

Heat the cream to 18C add the star anice and licorice to infuse.
Let sit for 12 hours.

Reheat,filter pressing to release the essences.

Pour the cream onto the chopped milk chocolate a little at a time. Do not incorporate air.

Then add the butter in small batches.

Pour the mixture into the mold.
Let set and cut with guitar.

Cover with bittersweet chocolate and decorate.

I will send a foto of licorice later today! try your health food store!

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Bicerin at Bicerin

From Torino... on my chocolate tour!!!
Always working.

I had promised Fred to go to Bicerin and have a Bicerin...

There are several ways to serve it, they say that the larger glass ( bicerin means small glass, bicchierino in Italian) is their signature drink.

Often served in smaller glasses.

Of course the recipe is a secret, but it is hot lightly sweetened coffee, with Italian hot chocolate poured in on top, the topped with lightly whipped cream ( as for irish coffee).